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Saturday, July 6, 2013

10 Free Presidential Trivia Questions

Which US president authorized the Louisiana Purchase?
Thomas Jefferson

Who was the first president to appear on a coin?
Abraham Lincoln

Who was the first President that was born a United States citizen?
Martin Van Buren

Who was the first US president to be porn in the 20th century?

Which former US president is often called “The Father of the Constitution.”
James Madison

Who was the first president to win the Nobel Peace Prize?
Teddy Roosevelt

The autobiography of what former US president is titled “My Life?”
Bill Clinton 

US President Gerald Ford played college football at what university?

Who was the Democratic Party nominee for president in the 1860 election?
Stephen Douglass

Which US President referred to his penis as “Jumbo?”
Lyndon Johnson

Monday, July 1, 2013

5 Free Sports Trivia Questions

Who knocked out Mike Tyson on February 20th, 1990 in Tokyo?
James “Buster” Douglas

Which team selected Ken Griffey Jr. with the first pick in 1987 MLB amateur draft?
Seattle Mariners

Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Free Movie Trivia Questions

Which 2002 Martin Scorsese film was nominated for 10 Academy Awards, but failed to bring home a single Oscar?
Gangs of New York

Which 1991 blockbuster is credited with popularizing the curtained haircut for men that dominated much of the 1990s?
Terminator II: Judgment Day